Water Line Repair

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Water Line Leaks? Pipe Bursts? Sewer Back-up?

We ARE The Solution You Were Looking For! 

With our water line replacement repair technology we are able to go underground without damaging your lawn. Unlike other water line replacement companies that are focused on their bottom-line, Palatine is focused on making a clean entry and exit while minimizing lawn, driveway, sidewalk and landscape damage to your property. We also clear roots without sacrificing your trees and shrubs in the process via our trench-less water line replacement methods. This is non-evasive technique preserving the integrity of your property.

So before you choose to let someone dig up your lawn (and often for a higher price), get in touch with us today and let us know your needs.

Want to learn more about our Water Line Repair Services? Contact us now and fill out the quick form on this page to receive your FREE, NO-STRINGS ATTACHED WATER LINE REPAIR ESTIMATE!

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