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With over 20+ years of combined experience, Palatine’s are licensed, bonded, insured and highly-skilled giving you peace of mind in your plumbing project from start to finish.

Here are 3 Reasons WHY Palatine Plumber Is The Best In The Local Market:

On-Time Service –  GUARANTEED

Tired of dealing with plumbers who seem to operate on their own clock? At Palatine we VALUE your time and business, so you can count on us being there at your scheduled appointment.

Same Day Flexible Scheduling:

We are happy to schedule service on a day and time that works best for you. Plus, we complete over 90% of all plumbing related projects same day save for major re hauls, replacements and restorations.

Worry-Free Pricing:

You can count on fair and easy pricing that won’t break the bank and save you money in the long-run compared to our competitors.

Although there are other plumbers near you such as Roto-Rooter, Rocket, Captain Rooter Emergency, Intelligent, All Family Remodeling, and Kerr Mechanical Corporation, no one comes close to the 5-star service and treatment we offer, plus we match our competitors estimates to give you the best deal possible.


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Sewer Inspection, Repair and Replacement

We are one of the premier epoxy relining plumber companies skilled in molding the inside of existing pipe to create a smooth new interior wall, much like what you find inside of food cans.

This process is necessary for repairing compromised sewer pipes, sealing cracks and holes, and filling in missing pipe and seal joint connections beneath the ground, in roof drain pipes, in storm lines and beneath concrete.

During this labor intensive process, our men at Palatine take great care to preserve the integrity of your yard, driveway and parking lot. Our trenchless sewer line repair causes little to NO damage versus conventional repair methods.

“Fast service, and excellent results.”

- Lloyd

“Thank you to everyone at Palatine, I will highly recommend you to everyone I come across that could use your services!”

- James

“Prompt, efficient, courteous. Great attitude. Listened to your opinion too, and mutually agreed on bringing the issue to a successful solution. The AC works!”

- Johnathan

Palatine Plumber **GUARANTEES** Your Professional Plumbing Results!

Drain, Kitchen Sink, Shower, and Bathtub Emergency Plumbing Repairs

Tired of getting the runaround with estimates while searching for an honest professional to contract out your plumbing needs?

Need service ASAP or are you in need of necessary repairs, replacements or installations in the near future?

Need reasonable, affordable and cheap prices that won’t break the bank?

Then look no further! Palatine Plumber is here ready to serve!

Other cities we happily serve include the following surrounding areas below:

Rolling Meadows, Arlington Heights, Buffalo Grove, Prospect Heights, Hoffman Estates, Wheeling, Mount Prospect, Schaumburg, Barrington, Lake Zurich, Elk Grove Village, Vernon Hills, Roselle, Des Plaines, Streamwood, Heatherlea, Plum Grove Village, Winthrop Village, Pepper Tree, Lake Park Estates, Staples Corner, Capri Village, Fairfax Village, Pinehurst Manor, Creekside, Hidden Lake, Brentwood, Barrington Woods, Inverness, Williamsburg, IL.

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